Trekking Poles – Useful Or Just Something To Carry

Trekking poles have always been part of hiking. Many hikers often underestimate the benefits from the trekking poles, but the truth is there is no professional hiker that never used a trekking pole.

treeking poles 1

The advantages of using them are a lot. Here are some of the best reasons why you should consider the poles as major part of your camping activities.

treeking poles 2

First and most important reason is that using trekking poles means strength and fitness. By using a pole you actually use your upper body muscles. You will strengthen your biceps and pastorals and you won’t leave the whole pressure on your leg muscles. The full body workout is possible only with the trekking poles.

treeking poles 3

Another advantage of using the poles is of course their stability and balance. In case you are passing by rough and rocky terrains, the trekking poles will be your helpers as they will improve the balance and the stability.

The professionals actually claim that with them the risk of slipping is reduced. The trekking poles are your very first contact with the terrain and trails. They are providers of stability on your way. According to the official statistic, in the U.S. the manufacturing of trekking poles is now a growing industry.