Tools You Must Have Before You Finally Go Camping

Camping can be one of the most fun and enjoyable outdoor experiences perfect for an entire family. Although many of us enjoy the idea of “roughing it” a bit, there are still a number of tools and accessories that are all but essential before venturing out into the wilderness. This quick list can help ensure that you will have everything you need.


One of the first considerations is a first aid kit. Simply because one is only venturing an hour or so from home does not mean that the trip will be risk-free. A simple medical kit can help provide basic aid should an emergency arise. The package should contain gauze, clean (distilled) water, an emergency thermal blanket and twine. The location of this kit should be made known to all participants.

Although this may seem obvious, a map of the area and a compass are also essential. We often hear stories of a camper wandering off in the night and quickly becoming lost, even though he or she may be only a few hundred metres from camp. A simple map and compass could prevent such an unfortunate occurrence from happening in the first place. Copies of this map should likewise be distributed to all those involved.

Another essential is for everyone to have either a mobile phone or another portable communications device. Smartphones are the best tools, although they may not have proper reception in remote areas. Nonetheless, it is critical that all parties have a viable way to communicate with one another. Along these same lines of communication, an emergency whistle is also recommended. It can help alert rescuers to a certain location and does not rely on batteries, coverage or any other electrical power supply.

Flashlights equipped with energy saving devices and other tools to provide light should be standard equipment with any camping supply. One never knows when they may be needed and batteries alone may fail, become wet or otherwise damaged. For example, a flashlight with a mechanical wind-up handle to produce light is a great way to avoid running out of power if and when it is needed.

Finally, plan your route carefully ahead of time. Sites and destination guides will provide valuable insight on the best attractions. The can also save a great deal of time when trying to optimise a trip that may only last for a few days.

Following this handful of tips is a perfect way to enjoy an outdoor excursion with the peace of mind in knowing that all preparations have been made.