Safety Tips While Traveling in Motorhomes

This is the time of the year that we all start thinking about our summer holidays, and for many of us this means planning a trip within the United Kingdom. Many would agree that one of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy the seaside resorts and countryside is by means of motorhome, which is actually more accessible than you might imagine.

A motorhome can give you the freedom to bring your bed along with you as you travel, as well as helpful facilities including a kitchen and toilet. These are usually better equipped than in their cousin, the caravan. You can have a look at options on Travelworld RV to get an idea of the types of motorhome you would like to drive; it will be up to you to decide whether you buy (new or used) or rent one for a week or two.

tips while traveling in motorhomes

When you do manage to sort your logistics out, it is worthwhile keeping in mind a number of safety tips and hints for when you take to the road. It is quite easy to get caught up in the moment, but keep a sensible head on your shoulders so you can really get the most out of your trip. Here are a few pointers:

Take a motorhome course

Organisations such as the Camping and Caravanning Club offer courses for new motorhome drivers. This should help to improve your confidence on the road and on sites, meaning you should be able to drive more safely as a result.

Drive at a comfortable speed

You should always obey the speed limit when driving around the UK (for specific details, check your Highway Code book). However you should also keep in mind of current conditions and the amount of traffic in the road; you may need to drive slower than the speed limit. Another good piece of advice is to accelerate slowly and steadily to allow you to maintain control of the vehicle.

Be mindful of obstructions

When on the road, you should remember that your motorhome is likely to be taller and wider than your regular motor vehicle, so you should be mindful of obstructions such as bridges, and even branches on trees. Essentially you just need to allow yourself a bit more space to get past safely and without causing any damage.

Keep an eye on the weather

One of the major hazards on the road can actually come from the weather conditions, so you should always make an effort to stay up to date with the forecast. Wet weather will mean slippery tarmac, and a heat wave will bring more motorists onto the roads. These are all things you should keep in mind.

Do careful manoeuvres

Regardless of the weather or the season, you should remember to take time with your manoeuvres. They won’t be as easy as they are in a car, and you will need more space to perform them. If you are a bit wary of doing manoeuvres, it makes sense to leave your motorhome on site if you are heading into a town centre – use local transport instead.

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