Tips for Visiting Casinos on Holidays

When traveling, camping or otherwise, it is important to be aware of certain practices and customs within the geographical location you are visiting. This is especially true for casinos. Sometimes depending upon locale legislation or simply rules of the casino itself, certain expectations exist which you would not want to fail to meet.

For instance, if you’re lucky enough to win a significant amount of money and you happen to be camping abroad, depending upon the country the reporting requirements, customs declarations and tax authorities may vary. Many countries require you to declare the amount of currency you are taking out of their country. Since these rules vary considerably between countries, you can check with casino staff as well as online before you leave your camping site and head for the casino.

Before visiting a casino, you will also want to determine the dress code of the establishment. Some casinos have rather high expectations in regards to how they expect their patrons to dress, and full camping gear complete with mud and four backpacks is often frowned upon.

Generally, the expectation may also vary for day time gambling versus night time gambling. For instance, the Bellagio Casino in Vegas does not permit casual outfits like t-shirts in the evening. All visitors must dress more formally. Casinos will refuse entry to their establishment if a guest is not properly dressed, so if you can’t fit a suit in with all your camping gear, it might be worth planning accordingly to be at the location at an appropriate time for more casual wear.

Otherwise you might just end up playing online blackjack in your tent by the edge of the casino’s free wifi zone instead. This does vary by casino so again take the time to find this out about a casino prior to visiting. The casino’s website is the simplest way to discern this information as well as to learn about the casino games it offers.