Tips For Survival If You Get Lost In The Woods

woodsNo one expects to get lost in the woods, but it can happen. Even on a simple day hike things can happen that will cause you to lose your way.

Whether you are alone or with a group, there are a few things you can do to stay calm and increase your chances of being found.

Follow these hiking tips so that if you get lost in the woods you will have some preparation.


When you are heading out for a hike whether it is long or short, you should always inform another person where you will be going. If by any chance you do get lost, finding you will not be so difficult if your rescuers have a general idea of where you were headed.

Don’t Separate

If you are with a group and find yourself lost you should never separate. Don’t allow one person to go off on their own trying to be a hero. This could result in the rest of the party being rescued and the hero staying lost.

Also, if you are still lost and night is beginning to fall and there is a nip in the air, having everyone stay together will allow you to huddle up for warmth.

Don’t Wander

If you wander around, it will be even more difficult for rescuers to locate you.

When it is apparent that you are lost, a rescue team will move slowly over the terrain trying to find you so if you stay in one spot you are more likely to get rescued sooner.

Find a Warm Place

Even though you want to find a place that is warm and will afford you shelter you still need to be visible so that your rescuers can spot you. If it is windy and rainy look for an overhang or a depression where you can come in out of the weather yet still see clearly in case you spot a rescue party.

Bring a Whistle Along

Noise travels for many miles in the woods, and if you have a whistle you may be able to attract the attention of other hikers or a rescue team. Even if you are going on a hike that is short, carrying a whistle along with you is a smart idea in case you get lost or find yourself injured in the woods.