Tips For An Insect Free Fishing Trip

Mosquito’s bites have always been the problem for many campers that enjoy fishing near the shore. Therefore, here is valuable advice how to avoid the insects and to have pleasant fishing trip.

Tent is a must, in case you are going for a fishing trip. The so called RV nets and screens are also good and protect you from all kind of bugs, while sleeping.

insect free fishing trip 1

Consider the proper clothing as a must, because this will keep insects off your skin. Repellent lotions are so far the best, because they keep the mosquitoes away at least for a few hours.

You should consider that the mosquito near the shore can be very dangerous. Some of them can cause serious diseases, so going on a fishing trip without any measures to prevent mosquito bites isn’t recommendable.

insect free fishing trip 2

Mosquitoes are known for spreading malaria, so try to take some proper medications, in case you are bitten and your skin starts to swell. If this happens, you should immediately leave the place and visit an emergency medical help center.

Always take an after-bite stick, for it will prevent itching of your skin. Make sure you camp at least 50 yards from the water. Place the screens and the nets in the tent, especially in the evenings.