8 Things you should Not Bring with you on a Camp

Camping is when everything is fun. We all love to camp: we get to hang out with friends, spend some real time together; get rid of those mentally-draining electronic devices and spend away some part of our lives amid the wilderness. Who would not want that happen, at least once in their lives? Well, camping is for those who want something like this.

When we decide to camp, we promise to ourselves that we will do everything to make it perfect. The first thing we usually think should be done is exemplary packing. We want to pack up all essential items and leave behind whatever that is not needed. But, we are humans, and when we are excited about things, we forget—we forget a lot of things. We forget to keep things which are of some camping use and keep those which have no use at all, at least in camp.

8 things you should not bring with you on a camp

The article you are reading now is an eye-opener to all avid campers out there. It will guide them all about the things they should NOT bring along with themselves to camp. So, without further ado, let us find out what they are:

1. White clothes

We never understood why people always bring along white clothes stuffed inside their backpack. You are in a camp—where everything is rusty and fun—and when you are outdoors, your stuff will get dirty. White clothes are easily soiled, and in case your favorite white shirt has fallen victim, we fall sorry for you.

Dark shade clothes are preferred for camping. They do not get soiled easily and spots are not as bothersome as they are on light shade clothes.

2. Hair dryer

The thumb rule for camp backpacking is to not bring things which are unnecessarily bulky and showy—hair dryer is one of them. You do not need a hairdryer because you don’t have to impress someone. You are in a camp to enjoy a simple form of life—where there is light music, spectacular sunsets, dirt-carrying but cool breezes and wonderful company.

We advise you to leave behind that precious hair dryer back home.

3. Not the cats

Dogs are social animals—they will jump their way to any place where there are “humans”. However, when it comes to cats, things are a bit different.

Cats are not social animals; they prefer to live by themselves and interact quite less. They are only concerned about their owners and themselves, and an alien environment is difficult for them. So, do not get them to camp. We know it is hard, but DON’T!

4. Perfume

Body odors are ugh, but, seriously, bringing them to camp is even ugh-er. Perfume smell would not last long enough to make your presence felt; in fact, you will quite conveniently attract bugs and preying animals who may be lurking nearby.

Keep them all dressed up on the dressing table—they look good there, okay?

5. High Heel Shoes

Why are we even talking about this? Well, we think everyone gets why they should not bring to camp high heel shoes.

Unless you are glamping, your setting is wild and with unpaved lands. You try walking on these lands with those high heels shoes on, and you will regret it for your entire life.

Camping is done with comfortable shoes which do not hurt your heel and further locomotion. Get some great sports shoes out from your shoe wardrobe and bring them to camp.

6. Complainers

If someone who is picky and a non-stop complainer on your camping bandwagon, then you should be kind enough to leave him/her behind. Camping is fun, but at times, challenging, and if you bring along someone who is complaisant and a trouble-maker, then you should just pack up and head back home.

The company is a key factor in a successful camping experience. You need people who share your thoughts about challenges in a camping venture and that is why you should choose your camping partners wisely.

7. Raw Chicken

We will strongly advise against bringing of raw chicken to camp because there are serious health complications involved. It is better to have the chicken cooked beforehand and re-heated when on camp.

You are in a camp, and you would not want to sit back, holding your tummy woefully, as you watch your friends enjoy the perks of camping.

8. A huge sound system

Your car is big enough to accommodate a sound system—a sophisticated one. But, you do not really need one. To truly enjoy camp, get some guitar or mini Bluetooth speakers to save the day. Trust us, things could not be better for you and your camping friends.