5 Things to Carry While Camping for Safety

Camping can be the most exciting type of adventure to go on with your friends or family. But it can easily turn into a nightmare if you don’t prepare for it well beforehand. Spring and summers are the best time for camping and that is when insects attack more. Making sure that you remain safe during camping is essential so that you can enjoy your camping time even more.

5 Things to Carry While Camping for Safety

Here are top 5 primary tips for safety so that you can enjoy the camp in full swing.

Always research your destination before leaving

Make sure that you know everything about your destination before you decide to go there. You must know all the major spots and stops on your way so that in case you get stuck anywhere, you exactly know which way to head towards. You must know whether your destination is near a beach camping or a mountain camping so that you can pack for it accordingly. Make a rain check in the weather before leaving. Bad weather can waste your time as well as your money. Try contacting park ranger and ask for any precautionary tips while camping at a particular place. They will also make you aware of wildlife surrounding the place and other risky stuff you must know about.

Keep check of health and medical issues

If you are allergic to something then keep proper medicine for it before heading for the trip. Take care of health problem of all the people you are planning to go on the trip with. Fill all the prescriptions ahead of time and take a copy of it in case you lose the original one on the trip. Keep and maintain a list of medications for all the members of the group and don’t forget to pack some common medicines. Don’t delay the important stuff in the excitement of adventure.

Carry a basic first aid kit

The most basic thing for safety while camping is a first aid kit. Anyone can get hurt anywhere and anytime. There are a few primary things like band-aids, bandages, cotton, safety pins, a few common medicines like aspirin, roll bandages, antibiotic cream, antibiotic soaps, nail clippers, first aid manual, astringent lotion and sanitizer. Keep anything you think you might need there in case of an accident. But make sure not to over-pack.

Safety gear list

There are other essential things as well other than safety aid kid which you must carry for the safety of your skin and well-being while camping. To ensure a safe camping experience you must carry things like sunscreen with good SPF, plastic ground cloth for tent, extra bed sheets, wide hats, long sleeved tee shirts and full length track pants, comfortable boots, sunglasses, map or GPS, thermos, water bottle, flashlights and batteries.

Outdoor safety

While packing for safety you must not forget to take care of outdoor safety. There are certain rules that must be followed while camping. Every area has a set of rules depending on the surrounding environment and you must follow them. A little mischief can cost you a lot. Take care of all the warning signs and direction signals. Don’t try to climb over fence or trespass just to get a better picture. Stay within the limits and you’ll enjoy without getting hurt.