The Old Fashioned Way Of Frugal Camping

The camping as a fun activity became fashionable in the ‘20s. Then going out for picnics in the forest and spending the nights, there was a privilege of hunters and quite a manly thing.

old fashioned way of frugal camping 1Over the years, the camping became more and more popular and with it the industry responsible for the great fun outdoors developed every possible mean to make it comfortable.

Still, having fun outdoors is not supposed to empty one’s pocket so going out for a camping trip can be even as simple as it was a long time ago.

You need a tent of course, but that tent doesn’t have to high tech if you cannot afford one. The tent is supposed to serve you as shelter so make sure you keep this in mind when you pack it.

The chilly nights may require some warm blankets so make sure you pack some. Make sure you also pack warm clothes for they might come in handy if cold weather makes an appearance.

old fashioned way of frugal camping 2

Frugal camping does not have to be about testing your pocket or your endurance. You can have fun on low resources and if you doubt it just remember your grandparents did the same thing without high tech camping stoves or RV trailers.

old fashioned way of frugal camping 3

Camping cooking can be simpler too. Just remember how to make a camping fire and have fun grilling meat and making s’mores and you will remember the experience as a delicious treat.