The Great Challenge Of Cooking While Camping In The Mountains

cookingThe adventure of a camping trip ultimately brings the challenge of cooking outdoors.

Many families traveling all over the country during summertime choose to use an RV especially because such a vehicle comes with a mini kitchen and simplifies a lot the cooking task.

The campers that choose to be accommodated in tents need to pack as much storable food in order to keep it eatable for the period they intend to experience living in the great outdoors.

In the absence of a fridge, during summer days, it is quite difficult to keep the food from alteration and also to keep it safe from the animals that might be tempted by it. That is why before starting on your trip, there are a few things that need to be covered.

The best way to transport food is canned. The cans resist well at warm temperature, they can be kept cool by putting them in a net bag and submerging them in a running stream and are good to eat even after a week.

Another resistant food is potatoes. Our ancestors use to cook them buried in hot, still burning, ashes or stewed in a pot over a wood fire.

Maybe it seems complicated but it really isn’t. A potato stew is a highly nutritious dish and while camping, it can become a valuable hot meal.

The ingredients are quite common and it is very easy to make. Just add a bit of oil and water, pealed and chopped potatoes, chopped onions and pepper and some seasoning, mix well and set over a fire in a pot and let it boil for an hour or two. It results a good old fashion food that would make grandma proud.

The campers are always doing their best to use the camping opportunity for creating a barbecue. Meat is a very sensitive item to store outdoors and it doesn’t keep more than 48 hours.

An option would be to transport it stone frozen in a refrigerating box and stored away from the sun. Even so it is unlikely it should keep more than three days so you need to plan the barbecue accordingly.

It is also important to consider the water needed for cooking. Mountain water is not always drinkable and if you ran out of bottled water the best choice is to boil and cool down the water from any stream. The boiling process eliminates most microorganisms and makes the water safe for drinking and cooking.