The Beginners’ Logical Step To Backpacking

For those of you, who are beginners into backpacking and entirely into the outdoor activities, preparations are important, because they help you to know what you will really need.

First and most important is to think about your experience in the nature. Don’t forget there is no civilization and you can’t predict what will happen next.

In the wilderness you can’t control what you will need, so always take things you can’t survive without, instead of trying to think what will entertain you the most.

According to many campers, the best way to feel the nature is without extra baggage.

Respect the wilderness, leave rocks, flowers and animals undisturbed. Always clean after you and try to not pollute the areas you choose to camp in.

For the beginners it is always important to stay on established trails and to camp in established camps. This way your very first experience will be safe.

Don’t forget to take map and to learn your basic trail, so to not get lost. If you are able, better take a camp stove, instead of building a fire. This will surely minimize the impact. Camping is always part of the peacefulness you seek, so make sure others after you will feel the same.

Be responsible for all your actions and remember the old saying – “Take only pictures leave only footprints”.