Taking Your Own Toilet On Camping Trips

biotoiflatPoor toilet facilities or the complete lack of them can put people off going camping, to ensure that you have a sanitary stay perhaps you should consider taking care of this requirement yourself.

Whilst a lot of campsites have excellent toilets others do not realize how important this factor is to their visitors.

Unfortunately it is often not known until you arrive and then it is too late to change your plans.

Increasingly manufacturing companies have begun to introduce various solutions to the perennial problem. This is based on a facility which means you take the toilet with you and maintain it while you are away.

Chemical toilets have been around for a while, although they are quite bulky and obviously use potentially harmful chemicals to dispose of the waste, this is not great for the environment and they are also quite expensive.

A new system originating in Scotland is the BioToi, is durable and folds up making it very portable as well. Each user places a biodegradable plastic bag over the traditionally seat shaped toilet and after use it can be disposed of as a nappy or is compostable.

There are very many more on the market, in all different price brackets, anything from fifteen dollars to a massive three hundred dollars. So it very much depends on how much it worries you.

For many embracing the great outdoors  includes taking the plunge and going back to basics for the whole trip [outdoor camping]. There is a solution out there for those that don’t.