Taking Precautions For Festival Camping

festival camping1Festival season is fast approaching with many annual festivals and huge concerts planned for the next few months.

Camping at festivals can be a lot of fun and a great way to make new friends.

However it also creates situations that simply don’t arise anywhere else for regular campers.

Security can be a nightmare so you need to keep valuables safely stored away. You can buy purses or bags that attach around your waist or fit securely against your body.

They will save you a lot of problems if you just use commonsense and don’t take valuables that can never be replaced, it’s far too risky.

Personal security is a big consideration and you should make sure that you are accompanied by friends that are reliable and trustworthy. If a bad situation develops it is vital that you know that you can rely on those around you.

The festival scene always attracts bad characters and unfortunately attacks and muggings do happen. If you are likely to become fearful perhaps it is better to stay at home. Although, if you use common sense, and take basic precautions, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Just as you do at home, make friends with your neighbours, that way each group can look out for each other. Also if you know what the people in the next tent look like it is a lot easier to notice strangers hanging around.

Lastly you may think your camping tent is unique but there are bound to be plenty more exactly the same, so think about a way of making it stand out from other tents. Treat it like luggage at an airport by attaching something very colorful that won’t blow away.