7 Tips to Survive Cold-Weather Camping

Winter camping is just another level camping and one of the most popular forms of camping in the world. People enjoy the experience of being challenged by cold-weather conditions and hence, the thrill. However, despite all the fun and ecstasy, winter camping can make you hit the wall if you take the cold weather lightly.
Seven tips to survive cold-weather camping

In this article, we shall state seven tips you must keep in mind to survive cold weather camping:

  1. Dress sufficiently

Dress properly. You will need warm clothes to provide yourself much-needed heat to survive the cold. It is recommended that you wear polyester thermal underwear, breathable fleece, and definitely a neck gaiter or scarf to ensure holistic cover.

Layering is important, but make sure you do not overdo it.

  1. Hydrate yourself at regular intervals

In cold-weather conditions, we do not feel thirsty quite often, and this causes us to skip the required amount of intake of water, and this might lead to dehydration. If you want to come out victorious in winter camping, then you must hydrate yourself throughout.

Drink cold or warm water, hot chocolate or hot tea. If you are running low on energy, intake of hot chocolate can be of great help.

  1. Wear your clothes to bed

Old wisdom of shunning clothes before going into a camping sleeping bag is really ludicrous. Do not do it at least in cold-weather camping.

To make sleeping time more comfortable, get a hot-water bottle and snuggle with it. If you are careless, you might catch a cold and have to suspend the camp.

  1. Choose the right camping site

Unlike in summers, morning sun is the first thing you dearly expect in cold-weather camping. It is, therefore, required of you to note the spot where the sun appears first at sunrise, and camp at an angle receiving early rays.

Morning sun is a great sign of respite from the chilly winds and rough ground. Get the best of it while you can!

  1. Take care of your hands

An important rule in cold-weather camping is to keep hands warm—your utility will be markedly reduced if your hands become all cold and immobile.

While packing your stuff for camping, make sure to keep polyester gloves and glove liners and gauntlets to provide adequate layering. Moreover, pack some of the chemical heating pads which can provide your body with instant heat effect.

  1. Think fire

Fire is a life saver in camping; so, the first thing to do when you reach the campsite is to make fire. Do it before you have made the camp setup. Bring along all the necessary fire sources to minimize fire-making hassles.

You can opt for packed dryer lint (low-tech) stocked into film canisters or pill bottles, or the dryer (high-tech) with magnesium.

  1. Prepare yourself for condensation

When you breathe in an all warmed-up tent in cold weather, condensation is a sure thing; so, be prepared for all of it to snow down upon you by the time it is morning.

You cannot really do anything about it, but make sure you have dried up your sleeping bags for reuse.