Staying in Touch While Camping

When you are far from home camping around and enjoying the beauty of nature, it is important to stay in touch with your family and friends. It is very much necessary that you share your concerns and plans with them, so they are at ease.

Since few years, technology has created equipments that are available and reachable to almost any part of the world. There are various means for even campers to stay in touch from any corner.

stay in touch while campingHere are few methods to keep in touch while camping:

1. Camp with your phone

These days no matter where you are, you want to stay connected via a phone call to different parts of the world. And if you are keen on making free calls, then don’t forget to carry a mobile phone at the camp and register with a suitable calling service. So while you relax around Mother Nature, you can make several international phone calls and talk to your loved ones for hours. Tell your family about your camping plan for the day and get to know their bits. On hearing their voice you will surely feel at home around another home, that’s nature.

2. Go online

Also, carry your laptop and make sure you have an internet facility to use the online services, where you can make free calls. You can chat with your folks between breaks and tell them about the fun you had. You could even write to them emails about what you have been doing in the day and reply to important business emails. Ask your family to write to you via emails or tell them to come online by deciding a particular time. While you camp, you can very well enjoy the sense of the rugged outdoors and ease of online technology.

3. Post stuff about the camp

Around social sites, there is so much to do. For instance, you can showcase your camp stories on a daily basis. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, allow you to share posts, stories, comments, pictures, videos, etc. You can upload stuff, post on your walls and create a picture of your entire journey to convey to your loved ones. And everyone back home and your friends can know that you are enjoying your trip, all safe and sound.

4. Create a camp photo album

This is a more effective way to stay connected. Right from what breakfast you had today to adventurous moments to campfire fun, you can create an album. All these pictures can create a series of memories which could be shared with your loved ones. You can post these camp albums on sites like flickr.