Stay Safe While Camping In Summer

Summer’s here and with it the wonderful opportunity to go camping. While summer is a good season to go camping, it also brings up a few safety concerns to take under consideration while packing. Here are some points you should keep in mind.

If you are going to a place with extreme weather, then you may need cotton for the day and wool for the night. Temperature fluctuation in these places is quite abrupt and if the day is hot, the night could reach extreme low temperature. So, pack your clothes to fit both extremes.

summer campingIf you think you can handle the temperature drop, be aware of the fact that you are going to sleep away from the warmth of a house. Outdoors are a different ball game altogether.

Summer makes you wear lighter and fewer clothes as you want to feel cooler and relaxed. But, this also exposes your skin more to the sun and so, chances of getting sun burns are greater.

Do not forget to pack your sunscreen irrespective of the climate you may think you will experience during the summer camping trip.

Summer months require you to drink more water even if you are indoors. So, while camping during summer, water should be your constant companion. Perspiration increases and with it the chances of dehydration and with it the chance of getting headaches and feeling ill.

If you plan to ingest alcohol in order to have a good time, supplement it well with water as it is common knowledge, alcohol enhances dehydration.

Water, on the other hand, acts as a detoxifying agent, so it can always refresh, hydrate and cleanse hence keep away health issues during camping.

A major problem of summer camps is the vicious attacks of insects and mosquitoes. In winter, the insects are more subdued but in the summer, there’s hardly anything stopping them. Use nets if you are setting up a tent.

Use materials such as treated candles or coils which can keep mosquitoes and larger insects away. Also, apply anti-insect lotions or sprays on your body to avoid stinging.

Instead of carrying too many heavy wool clothes, try and use clothes layer above layer. This will also keep you warm because even 2-3 layers of cotton clothes can give you the same effect a heavy wool cardigan would. Plan this according to your discretion and decide on what you want to wear and what not.

However, remember that you are going camping; you would not want to take very heavy luggage with you. The materials to set up camp will itself be heavy.

Read and research well to find out more about safety during summer camping.