Smart Way To Get Rid Of Camping Mosquitoes

There is nothing more annoying than mosquitoes that really might ruin your outdoor activities. We are offering you a smart way to get rid of these insects, which actually works.

Building a mosquito trap isn’t difficult. You need 2000ml (2 liter) bottle, 50 gram sugar, 1 gram yeast, thermometer, measuring cup, knife and black paper. This trap is used often in countries like Taiwan, where the mosquitoes are serious problem.

mosquito trapThe method of creating this trap is simple. Just cut the top of the bottle, put 200 ml hot water combined with 50gram brown sugar.

Cool a bit and make sure it is down to 40C with the help of thermometer. Add the yeast, but don’t mix.

The ferments of the yeast create carbon dioxide and this is exactly what affects the mosquitoes.

The last step is to put black paper around the bottle, because that attracts the insects. Put the trap in some dark and humid place and leave it for 2 weeks. The effect is sure and you will see it. Don’t forget to replace the sugar and water in the trap every 2 weeks.