Safety Measures For Camping In Thunderstorms

For many families, camping is a time-honored pastime and a precious chance to get close to nature.

Often, however, nature will not be as benevolent and pleasant as it seems, especially in springtime when thunder and lightening are a dangerous threat.

Camping in thunderstorms is not always dangerous, but it can give your camping trip some unexpected turns. Always prepare in advance for these dangers in spring.

The following tips can help to protect you from disasters and make your camping trip the most memorable of your life.

Choose an open space away from trees

While selecting a position for your camp tent, always choose an open space away from trees. To some extent, this can help you to protect yourself from heavy winds and thunders.

Don’t lie down inside your tent

If you lie down inside your tent in bad weather, it can expose you to electric currents that pass through the ground. Instead, squat down with your feet together and make sure that only your feet are touching the ground.

Avoid being near to the tallest object around

Tall objects are more prone to thunderstorm attacks, so try to stay away from trees and avoid going near to even taller structures.

Remember to always check the weather before you go out. Keep your eyes on the sky and get regular weather reports to stay as far away from thunder as possible when you are camping.