6 Reasons to Choose a Summer Camp

You would know the importance of a summer camp if you have attended one. A summer camp is an experience that gives you ample exposure to the outside world and makes you learn the tips and tricks of life which you ordinarily do not learn in the safe precincts of your comfort zone.

Childhood is the best phase to learn, and, as a parent, you should not miss out the opportunity of sending your children to summer camps. Children will receive multiple advantages—entertainment, socialisation, and skill-development.

When your child comes back from summer camp, you are guaranteed a change in his/her overall personality, trying to get out of his/her cocoon. So, find out all about summer camps operational in your city or country.

Six reasons to choose a Summer Camp

In case you are still hesitant in sending your kid to summer camp, read below and find out why you should send him/her to summer camp:

  1. Unplug from technology

Technology is nearly ubiquitous. It has greatly affected our lifestyle, making us too reliant on the various forms of innovations existing today such as mobile phones, laptops, cars, and whatnot. We have become too engrossed with the idea of convenience that we often forget the importance of physical and mental labour.

Children are most susceptible to the attractions of technology, and in order to balance their desires, you must motivate them to stop being too depended on innovations.

Summer camp unplugs your children from the convenience of technology and prepares them for the worst where everything but your mind and body fail. Moreover, distancing children from technology allows them to interact more in real-life settings.

  1. An opportunity to reinvent them selves

Summer camp gives children a break from the monotonous school environment and enables them to break stereotypical perceptions about themselves, people and the world. They will talk to one another, exchange agreements and disagreements and undergo skill-development.

Summer camps greatly help in opening up children’s mind—allowing them to assess the world through a bigger lens. It will make children confident about themselves and strengthen their developing sense of independence.

  1. Hobbies and skill development

Summer camp is characterised by a number of outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, camping, and whatnot. You can learn calligraphy, dancing, singing, basketball and anything that you want.

There are so many takeaways from a summer camp that your child may end up finding what he/she likes and dislikes—perhaps he will make an excellent basketball player or she will do marvels in Judo. So, even when summer camps culminates, your child will find himself/herself positively directed and confident.

  1. A demo of what an adult’s life is like

Well, a summer camp is not exactly what an adult’s life is, but many aspects of it might remind you of the struggles of adulthood.

Apart from hard skills, children get to learn and nurture their soft skills. They will learn skills necessary to become rational adults such as socialisation, leadership, creativity, collaboration and problem-solving.

Campers are always interacting, either in the bunk or field, and while doing so, they learn the essence of teamwork, which is equally important if you are part of any social community. They will learn to follow leaders or be leaders themselves.

You are basically looking forward to the holistic development of your children.

  1. More play, more fun

We all know how much-enamoured kids of this time are with video games and in-house play activities, and we all know how much importance outdoor activities have. Therefore, summer camp is the best way to push your kids out of the house and make them play outdoors.

Summer camp is a break from the overly structured routines of schools and gives children ample time to engage in all kinds of fun, outdoor activities. Even when there is nothing specific going on, children can assemble and engage in games such as hide-n-seek.

Even if it is all about stupid chases and laughs, it is still worth it. So, without any second thoughts, apply your kid for a summer camp.

More play is more fun, and with fun, your kid will develop a positive and cheerful personality.

  1. Reconnecting with nature

Natural environment should be understood and appreciated, especially by children. In a summer camp, children will develop a close relationship with Nature. They will come to realise why we need to safeguard the surrounding natural things.

Love for nature drives children outside; it makes them active and confident of their surroundings. By appreciating nature, children will develop spatial awareness, which is fundamental for surviving the harshness of life.