The Perfect Pregnancy Vacation

Between prepping the nursery, babyproofing the house, and taking care of all of your everyday tasks, there are tons to do before your baby arrives. Consider adding one more thing to your list: a babymoon! It’s a final opportunity to spend a few days relaxing and focusing on fun before the big day arrives, and it’ll give you strength to make it through those last difficult weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnancy vacation

Babymoon Ideas

When it comes to pregnancy vacations, a few things are out of the question: Scuba diving, anything that might come with a hard impact, and anything overly strenuous are best reserved for later on, when you’re looking for ways to have fun with your family. Consider these alternatives:

  • The spa visit of a lifetime, with plenty of pampering, delicious food, and opportunities to nap.
  • A relaxing beach vacation complete with beautiful sunsets.
  • Rent a lakeside cabin. Swim, read that novel you’ve been holding onto, and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Can’t travel far? Stay at a local B&B where you can relax away from the pressures of home.
  • Camping in forest, mountain, riverside, or anywhere outside the engagements of city life.

Camping is often the last thing women consider for a babymoon vacation and is quite challenging as well, but having a comfortable sleep under the pristine moonlight is magical. There are a few things which you must keep in mind once you have decided to camp.

Timing is Everything

Whether you’re just now dealing with unpleasant week 9 pregnancy symptoms or just beginning your second trimester, it’s a great time to make some plans. Besides deciding on a destination, it’s important to look at timing. You probably won’t feel like traveling later in your pregnancy when your body is larger and more ungainly; the good news is that you’re likely to feel energetic and experience fewer symptoms during your second trimester.

The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) recommends travel between the 18th and 24th weeks of pregnancy, so long as your doctor approves. This is the ideal time to camp in the nature’s lap, hit the beach, explore historic sites, or takes a long, meandering road trip with stops to visit friends and loved ones along the way.

Babymoon Planning Tips

You’ll want to be sure that your pre-baby vacation goes off without a hitch. Careful planning is key:

  • Share your pregnancy vacation ideas with your doctor to be sure that he or she has no concerns. Be sure that your travel dates don’t overlap with your pre-planned prenatal appointments.
  • Make plans early, and try to leave some extra room in your itinerary so that you can rest and relax along the way.
  • Consider that exotic destinations might not be ideal for a babymoon. For example, some areas are home to mosquitos that carry the Zika virus or malaria; others might require pre-travel vaccinations. Others take you to altitudes greater than 12,000 feet, which the CDC discourages.
  • Is it OK to fly? In most cases, it’s fine to travel by air up until your 36th week of pregnancy. The earlier you go though, the more comfortable you’re likely to be. The airline seats that normally feel fine are likely to be a tight fit after your 2nd trimester comes to an end.
  • While choosing the site for camping, choose a site which remains under shade for long hours of the day, in the absence of which your camp will become too hot to stay.
  • Camps are prone to bugs and mosquitoes. So make sure you carry mosquito repellent along.
  • Your water intake increases during pregnancy. Make sure the campsite supplies enough and clean water. Additionally, it is a good idea to carry a few gallons of water.
  • Make sure your campsite has working bathroom and is clean.
  • Carry healthy snacks like almonds and granola bars, which will keep you energized throughout the day.
  • Be sure that you’ll be able to access medical assistance immediately if you need it, and double-check to ensure that your health insurance is accepted at the facility you have in mind.