Packing Up The Things When Your Camping Trip Is At An End!

Packing UpFinally your camping trip comes to an end. It is the time to come back your home. I think you have had a great time but you are not prepared yet.

Recalling what you need to make when you pack up the gear can make sure you as a considerate camper who will be welcomed again at this campsite.

Packing up your entire gear can make sure that you will have the whole things what you require when you plan for another camping trip. Here are few suggestions in packing up the things.

  • Pack your gear dry. If you can’t, just you set it out as soon as you reach home.
  • When you pack your gear, ensure that use a whip broom or a rib to dab it out first.
  • Keep dirty clothes in a separate bag and away from clean ones so that no need to separate after you reach the home.
  • Try to check the cooler. Dispose all the food that you were not saving, take out any excess water and refill the ice for your trip to the home.
  • Inform the assistant of campsite about when you are leaving so that he can arrange the site for some others.
  • Take out all the trash at the campsite. Clean up the site and leave.
  • Quench the campfire. Ensure that all residues are quenched by pouring water on them, after that mix the dust with the ashes.
  • Take a break and fresh up before you are going to leave.

After coming back to the home, you need to do some simple things. This will ensure that your camping gear will remain safe for your next trip.

  • Empty out your camping gear. If the gear is dry then store it away. Don’t keep your gear in stuff bags. It is better to keep them in dry and ventilated area. Do not freeze your gear.
  • Take out the stuff from the cooler, dry up the goods box and store the food items in your cupboard or refrigerator.
  • Once again clean up all your dishes.
  • Dispose all the trash and ensure to wipe out your car. If you don’t take proper care, some pine needles and dead bugs will hide in the cold climate.
  • Carry out your laundry.
  • Take out the batteries from the trailer or from any gear that you don’t use for a moment.

After completing all these things, it is the time to recall the memories that you have enjoyed in the camping trip. I think you have had a great time throughout the trip. Am I right?