Making The Most Of The Rainy Days At The Camp Site

rain campSo it isn’t ideal but it is all too common that you plan a camping trip according to the National Weather Services announcement, the weather is going to be 65 and sunny; perfect camping weather.

And then it starts raining and it doesn’t stop. Don’t fret! We have several tips and ways to make your rainy day camping trip bearable.

If you plan alternative indoor activities before the rain comes you can ignite some excitement in the kids. Take board games and books, crosswords and puzzles.

Put a large dining tarp up outside your camping tent. And if you have two tents, put the large dining tarp up between the two tents. Not only will this provide a shady place to relax when the sun is out but it will also provide a dry central meeting spot for the group while it is raining outside.

Make sure you do not ever put your tent or any other camping equipment away while it is still wet. This will cause all sorts of mildew and mold smells and damage. Completely dry out all gear before folding it up for the next camping trip.