Little Extra Care To Make Your Camping Trip Enjoyable!

Adding comfort to any act is the best thing to enjoy the act. Adding care to the camping is also the same thing. By taking special care in the camping, you can make your camping experience comfortable and memorable too.

Camping care can vary from adding comfort to the camping trip to making the cleaning process in the camping easy. Adding extra accessories to the camping gear will make the camping comfortable.

If you make your camping trip comfortable, then you have a larger chance to have regular camp outs. Having regular camp outs is the best way to improve responsibility towards the nature and to become a perfect camper.

Basic camping care tips are carrying perfect camping gear, being cautious about the surroundings etc., to make the camping safe and comfortable.

camping trip

Adding comfort to the camping experience

  • If match sticks are important in camping, see that the matches are water proof. You can even start fire by rubbing two match sticks.
  • Rope can add comfort to the camping; you may need a clothesline for drying your clothes. In this case rope acts as clothesline.
  • Hay! Surprised to see hay in camping. Many use hay as a layer of softness under their camping tent. Hay is soft and this provides extra softness to the campers who sleep in the camping tent floor without any arrangement of the bed.
  • Camping furniture like chairs, bed, coats make your camping comfortable.
  • Wax self-starting log is preferred for campers camping in beach areas. This is heavy and extravagant but lights all the night while providing warmth to the campers.

Protection in camping:

Protection is the most important subject that you should not neglect for a comfortable camping. Protective items necessary in camping ground are:

  • Sunscreen lotion with SPF 15-30
  • Sunglasses with proper UV protection
  • Face lotion or moisturizer with sun protection
  • Lip balm or lip sticks with sun protection
  • Moleskin to control the blisters, which are common for hikers
  • Hats are very necessary to protect yourself from the harsh suns. There are two types of hats; the first one is to provide warmth in the nights while the other is for sun protection in the day.

Camping care for cleaning process:

  • Always keep a separate towel for wiping your face. Never use this towel for hands or any other body parts. This is very helpful for you when you want to clean your face at the end of the day.
  • Keep handy toner, this works as astringent. Damp a cotton ball and clean your face and hands with this toner. This is useful if you do not have water source for making yourself fresh.
  • Baby wipes are very good for cleaning all over the tent at the end of the long tiring day at the campout.
  • Q-tips or cotton swabs are very important thing to carry for cleaning.
  • Use a bio-degradable soap and detergents while camping. This does not damage the nature and its elements are eco-friendly. They are also used to clean body, clothing, dishes, etc…
  • Nail file is very important to clean your nails. This is overlooked by many campers. This may not be the necessary item but this can add comfort to the camping. Many cannot avoid their nails clipping while doing work, so this is necessary for again filing your broken nails.
  • Mirror is often overlooked by many campers, this helps you to check out sunburns on the face if you have any.