Light Up Your Autumn Camping

With shorter days ahead it’s time to think about brightening your path

As the year draws to an end days are becoming shorter, but this doesn’t mean it should stop you from your favourite outdoor activities. Hiking and camping in the late autumn can be as fun as during the summer months. You just need a slightly modified approach, warmer clothes and different gear.

Light Up Your Autumn Camping

One of the downsides of the autumn camping and hiking is that sun sets earlier so you may get caught in the darkness sooner than expected. Therefore, at this time of the year, it’s always worth planning your hike having sunsets times in mind. But as the trails can sometimes be unpredictable, it’s also worth to consider taking one or two of the outdoor lighting solutions available out there.

Probably the most common source of light is a flashlight. Available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes flashlights offer a reliable source of light, and we can see them being used everywhere. From housework to camping some of the best, known as tactical flashlights, are also utilised by professionals. It’s probably something worth a thought: if a torch is part of the camping equipment of police and law enforcement officers, or firefighters and paramedics, maybe it’s worth considering getting one for yourself.

With such tactical flashlights, you have a guarantee that they were tested in the most bizarre situations and won’t let you down performing everyday tasks. Take First Tactical Medium TriTac Flashlight. Like the many of its kind, this compact tactical torch has a durable and water-resistant body made of Aerospace Grade Aluminum and multiple lugs, so it sits comfortably and securely in hand. It offers extended running time, gives super bright light and features three lighting modes and three ranges for various conditions, all instantly available thanks to an intelligent rubberised rear button. Also when not in used the flashlight can either hang on an elastic bungee, or you can fix it to your backpack or pocket with a reversible metal pocket clip, so it’s always at hand.

One thing with flashlights, however good they are, is that you will most likely have to carry one in hand. This sometimes may not be the best option as the challenges of the big outdoors often require the use of both hands. Fortunately, there is an answer for that. Take a hint from many fellow campers and hikers and try a headlamp! As it comfortably sits on your forehead, a headlamp or head torch won’t occupy your hands and offers an excellent source of light that always follows where you look. Moreover, it will not only let you see in the dark but be visible too, especially with the use of the red Ultrabright LED. With a secure head strap, head torches like Remix Headlamp from Princeton Tec, securely stay in one place even when running, so are ideal for joggers and hill runners too. And thanks to a water-resistant casing are excellent even for those who don’t mind running in the rain.

Headlamps are good on the go but work great also when you finally reach your destination. When it’s dark around these can be a great help when setting up a camp. But when it’s all ready, and you want to relax it’s probably best to switch to something different. For me, this is the moment when I usually turn on my camping lantern. These are great to light up your camp on a bigger scale and make your tent truly feel like home. If you worry about the size, don’t. Highlander 24 LED Remote Control Lantern, for example, is compact enough to take as little of precious backpack space as possible but sufficiently large to offer plenty of light when placed in the middle of the camping table. It’s also versatile and can be as quickly attached to the roof your tent because it has durable folding carrying handle with hanging hook. Moreover, it’s robust and weatherproof body with rubberised finish means staying outside won’t do it any harm. And you can control it remotely, so when you’re ready to sleep, you don’t have to move and leave the comfort of your sleeping bag. (Additionally, this particular model also comes with a compass.)