Keeping The Bugs Away: Our Guide To Camping Without Bug Bites

garlic1. Steer clear of moist or wet areas. Stay away from wet grassy areas.

2. Do not use fragrant personal products.

3. Always wear a hat and bandana on your neck and head.

4. Bugs are attracted to sweat so keep cool.

5. Even when it is warm wear a long sleeved shirt and pants. Make them light in color and light fabric that breathes. This will keep you cooler and keep the bugs away.

6. Did you know that coconut deters and repels mosquitoes? So use coconut oil and coconut soap.

7. If you eat garlic it will be secreted through your pores. Garlic is known to repel bugs.

8. If you take Vitamin B, Citrus and Zinc health supplements they will also be secrete out your pores and these repel bugs.

9. Citronella really does effectively keep bugs away so invest in as many citronella candles and citronella oil as you can stand to invest in.

10. Avon Skin So Soft is extremely efficient in repelling bugs. Although it has not been proven, you will not meet one person who has used it for a bug repellent that does not swear it works.