5 Irresistible Camping Destinations

Tourists and travellers are suggesting complete and utter absorption in nature, even if you’re visiting the USA for the best camping experience.

1. Auto camp in Santa Barbara of California

This is a haven of romance and peace amid palm trees and bathed in golden sunlight. The vacationers can choose a lovely caravan that comes with awnings and an unexpectedly spacious deck area made of wood. The campers can settle down cozily, and use the large deck to smoke barbeque, or just enjoy the scenic beauty.

Auto camp in Santa Barbara of California

2. Hermit Gulch Camping Ground in California

This camping site is a picture of idyllic countryside bliss. It is located centrally in the woods and it takes only a few minutes to drive to this camping ground from the Avalon beaches of the USA. Not only is the Hermit Gulch Camping Ground an ideal place to rest and rejuvenate, but also plays host to several different holiday sports and activities like mountain-hiking, rock climbing, cycling, swimming, fishing, and tennis.

Hermit Gulch Camping Ground in California

3. Flying Flags RV Resort and Camp Ground in California

This resort and park is a quiet coast located near to the National forests of Los Padre. The resort provides facilities for lighting bonfires outside, laying out huge picnic tables and spreads.

Prepare sweet s’mores and enjoy the entire evening with Jacuzzi and outdoor pool board games. If the vacationer seeks to explore further, then the resort is generously provided with a number of mountains, beaches, woods and vineyards that are quite close to the staying location and open to exploration and enjoyment.

Flying Flags RV Resort and Camp Ground in California

4. Oceanside Beachfront RV Resort in Oregon

Pitch your tent to wake up to the sound of gentle waves and to a magnificent view of the beach for the most thrilling camping experience ever. The resort is nothing but a small yet spacious cove made of sand and shaded by a cliff that’s covered with pine trees, but it is so peaceful and quiet that you will want to settle down for good in this fairy alcove.

At the entrance of the camping site, is a trailer van that sells crabs, clams, shellfish and other fresh seafood, which when cooked prove to be divinely delicious. If the vacationer does not want to spend the holidays in a tent, then there are white cottages of wood that line the beach and provide excellent facilities for lodging.

Oceanside Beachfront RV Resort in Oregon

5. Moab under Canvas in Utah

This camping site treats the vacationers with a continuous and panoramic view of the colossal topographical horizon of Utah with its arches carved of reddish sandstone, right from inside the tent. The arches, plateaus, and canyons that envelop the camping site, glint and glow in the light of the Moon, creating an unworldly visual effect for the onlookers.

Moab under Canvas in Utah

The camping site also provides ample opportunities for stargazing and astronomy. Vacationers are provided with luxurious tents that are less like tents and more like your own home, and come complete with sofas, king-sized beds, floorboards of wood, a sun deck to sunbathe and enjoy the day and so on.