5 Best Ideas for Campfire Games

It is that time of the year again when you would want to go out on that much needed weekend of BBQ and campfires. It is the best way to get back close with the people you care and relax. The sound of the wood popping, the cheer of the children, and the occasional strumming of the guitar strings from the residence pop singer, the jokes, the laughter, the food, the roasted marshmallows under a clear sky are way too tempting for letting it pass.

However, having fun does not mean that you only indulge in the age old traditional activities that a campfire entails. Especially if there are kids around you would need to know and learn how to keep them interested as well as occupied throughout so that they do not feel bored.

For if we know anything it is that kids have a serious deficiency in holding interest in one kind of activity. So to make it more interesting and less monotonous you need to incorporate some fun games that can be enjoyed while you and your near ones are enjoying the golden glow of the fire. Here are some tips to the must have games in a campfire:

ideas for campfire games1. Chinese Whisper

Also known as the Telephone this game is a traditional favorite among campers. It starts with a person whispering something into the ear of the person sitting next to him and passing it along the line till the end.

The secret message is passed from one person to the other but the fun begins when the message gets twisted on its way because of the errors that usually arise in retelling. By the time the person sitting at the end of the line has to convey out loud to the group what he has heard it is evident that the person who started it had said something completely different.

2. Building a Twig Castle

This is an absolute favorite among children. It is almost like building a sand castle only with twigs. You would however, require a bottle of glue and a pair of scissors to help yourself. All you need is to gather some small twigs and VIOLA!

3. Group Storytelling

It is a very matured yet fun way to pass your time while enjoying the campfire. The idea is that the first person begins with one line that serves as the opening scene and it is up to the next person to add up to it. It gives you the opportunity to be as creative as possible and you may end up having anything between a horror to a quirky story by the end.

4. Noah’s Ark

This is a memory game played in alphabetical order and is also a traditional favorite. This starts off with a person saying “I am going to Noah’s Ark and bringing two apes”. The person following would have to say what the first person said and then adding their own animals so on and so forth. However, you cannot afford to forget the sequence or make a mistake or else you are out.

5. Jelly Bean Russian Roulette

As the name suggests you need to have jelly beans of different flavors. Pass a box full of assorted flavored jelly beans around the circle with each player selecting one jelly bean, eating it and guessing the flavor. Then examine the back of the box for the flavor according to its colors.

These games are innovative and perhaps a little traditional but always a fun to play. They keep kids as well as adults occupied and helps build the bond that is much needed and aimed for during a camp fire.