How to Treat Campfire Burns?

One of the most common types of injuries suffered on camping trips is burns. This is usually because campers aren’t careful enough around open fires. If you do happen to get burned while out in the woods you need to act quickly, but stay calm.

campfire burn

If the injury is extremely bad you should contact the emergency services department immediately. This is why a mobile phone can be a lifesaver on camping and hiking trips.

  • A burn can continue to harm your skin for quite a while after the accident has happened. Make sure you halt the burning process as soon as possible.
  • You should cool the burned area with a lot of cool running water, ideally for at least 10 minutes.
  • If the burn is severe, don’t try to remove any article of clothing that’s attached to the burned area as this could result in more damage to your skin. It may also mean a longer healing time and could result in permanent scars.
  • It’s important the area doesn’t get infected. You can try to cover the burned area with something like Saran Wrap or a bag until it can be treated properly. A minor burn can be wrapped by gauze or in a dry and clean article of clothing. Covering a burn usually reduces the pain, but don’t use an occlusive dressing on it.
  • Change the dressing on the burn each day and make sure it’s kept clean and dry.
  • The best form of pain relief is often Paracetamol.