How To Take A Campground Shower And Not Have An Unpleasant Experience?

camp groundWhether you are the rough-and-tumble hiking, biking and fisherman or whether you are the prissy diva that was dragged on this camping trip you will most likely enjoy a good clean shower just as much as that other person.

The issue is that campground showers and bathrooms can sometimes be a bit unpleasant which could deter you from showering but if nothing else it could really make the experience unpleasant.

In fact the biggest complaints about campground shower facilities range from the cleanliness, to the water pressure and water temperature to the line of people waiting to shower.

So whether you are that rough-and-tumble guy or his diva spouse we have some guidelines to make taking a campground shower somewhat bearable.

  1. As far as I am concerned the very most important thing to remember is to utilize flip flops. There is nothing worse than stepping and walking in the muck on the floor of a public restroom and shower facility.
  2. Plan to shower during off times so you won’t have to wait in line which can be very frustrating. Off times usually consist of very early morning, early afternoon, and later in the evening.
  3. Invest in a shower bag which is essentially a plastic bag that can fit everything from your toiletries to your clothing. This is a waterproof bag that gets rid of the hassles of carrying multiple things at once and getting dry items wet.
  4. Consider a 5 gallon bucket. This can be used as a seat if and when you are waiting in line at the showers but can also be used to hold items such as your towel and your plastic, waterproof shower bag.
  5. Make sure you have one of those plastic soap containers that you can buy at any store such as Target for under $1.00. The plastic soap container is perfect to keep your soap in and after your shower when you put the soap back in there wet, it will contain the moisture.

A few other things to consider while contemplating the campground shower experience are to leave all the perfumes and fragrant body lotions, razors, tweezers and hair curling irons at home.

In fact leave pretty much everything at home besides body soap and toothpaste. A campground and camping trip are not the place to be fussing over yourself and your looks.