How to Store Camping Gear During Winter?

Camping equipment is one of the most important things, when it comes to camping. After the trip is over, the next thing you should do is store your camping gear the right way. Many people are complaining about the storage of their camping gear.

camping equipment storage

In order to avoid damaging your equipment, the first step of storing the gear is to clean it. Usually the dirty camping gear is the reason why it gets damaged. Wash your gear and make sure it is completely dry, before storage.

cleaning equipmentMost of the equipment is durable, so it doesn’t require so much space. In case you have a storage room, you should place your camping gear there.

If there isn’t any room for storage, make sure you are storing your gear in a dry and not so cold place.

You should protect your equipment from insects, mold or rodents, therefore make a special place or wardrobe, where to place the equipment.

The moisture can ruin your gear; therefore the storage place should be moisture free. Vacuum sealers are the perfect decision to store your equipment for the next camping trip.

Avoid storing your gear in the garage, for there it may be too cold or too warm. The temperature of the room should be smooth and normal.