How To Stay Safe From Camping Vermin?

Camping is an adventure and any camper knows this, but after the camping days are over, there is an issue that you should consider: the camping vermin.

Insects are part of the nature and camping outdoor surely includes the presence of bugs. Therefore, before leaving the camping spot you should clean your camper and remove any vermin.

camping verminMany campers are practicing something else- after each camping, they simple clean their camper and use some chemicals to get rid of the bugs or the pests.

In case you are not a fan of the chemicals, then you have several options.

One of them is to check very carefully your camping set.

Traces of the mice and squirrels are also an issue, because if you don’t find them, you will bring them home, not to mention they will make a nest in your camper, which is unpleasant.

The reason for having bugs in your camper is surely the food. Despite you may want to keep the non-perishable food, it is recommended to throw it away. Sugar, snacks and other crackers are the main reason of the camping vermin. The presence of food attracts the insects, so you should simply throw it away.

Another issue is finding the pests. Some of them are invisible and can provoke allergy reactions, so they surely need to be removed.
Cleaning the camper will not help, because some rodents aren’t removable without special measures.

The remedy, which you can try, is already used in many basements and attics. The moth balls are the right answer; moreover they have been used as the very best measure to protect you against vermin.

The trick with using the moth balls to keep the vermin away is hidden in the Tupperware’s usage. Put the moth balls in any kind of Tupperware as you make small holes on the top of them.

It is necessary, because this way the ball will not roll around your camper and it will sure work, when it’s needed. Put few of these in your camper and you will see the effect. If you are worried about the smell of the moth balls, simply remove them a few hours before using your camper again.

Another option, which you can consider as a good one is the peppermint oil. Soak cotton balls in it and leave them in for a few minutes. Then simply spread them throughout your camper. The bonus is that you will have vermin free and good smelling camper.