How To Plan For Low Impact Camping?

Camping should be environmental-friendly and there is no doubt about it. In case you are going to camp, do it with lower impact on the environment. There are few things you should consider as very important, in case you want to camp in a green way.

First and most important is to use the so called “hard” campsite. This is a camping area with solid terrain and you should choose to camp exactly there, because there is usually no flora, which can be messed with or die if stepped on. Don’t leave any trace of your camping and mostly – do not leave your trash in the wilderness.

low impact camping 1

Forget about the large campfires, because some environmentalists consider it as a threat to the nature. The large campfires are also not recommendable, because the fallen kindling rots leave mulch for seedlings to grow in.

low impact camping 2

In order to prevent it, use a camping stove. It is more comfortable and mostly – you are actually preventing the environment from all kinds of accidents related to fire.

Don’t forget to protect the waterways. Do not use soap or any kind of products that contain chemicals, because it pollutes the water- the only source for some forest animals.