How to Get a Family From Home to the Airport, Stress-Free

For those who have ever travelled with children, you’ll understand the stress involved. Simply getting out of the house can be a chore, with someone having forgotten something, someone wanting something, someone needing the toilet … the list goes on!

Holidays are fun activities, things we look forward to when we’re working hard throughout the year, yet there is an undeniably stressful part before we arrive in resort and get ready to soak up the sun. Getting to the airport in an airport taxi, on the train, or on the coach is fraught with barriers to your destination – try dragging two oversized suitcases onto a train, with two screaming children and hand luggage to boot! Not fun to say the least. Anyone who has ever tried crossing a train platform without running over someone’s toes en route to a train connection will understand where I’m coming from too.

Thankfully there is an answer to this problem, one that will save money, blood pressure readings and stress.

Hello airport parking.

I discovered this godsend of a service about two years ago and have rarely travelled without it since. The convenience of leaving my house when I want, taking my time packing up the car, leisurely driving to the terminal with a stop off if I want one, and when I arrive, I’m safe in the knowledge that my car is safe and waiting for me when I arrive back home, is all too good a deal for me to give up.

Most large UK airports offer a service, many with airport hotels on offer too, and airport lounges for a pre-flight chill-out. Whatever airport you’re due to depart from, there’ll be something available to make your travel plans go without a hitch, and save you pennies too.

travelling-home -to-airportLast month, I used gatwick car parking, and as always, it was fantastic value for money, saving me enough to hit duty-free with a smile on my face and a not a hint of guilt! Thank you very much airport parking. I’ve used parking at East Midlands Airport in the past also, and found exactly the same high standard service and budget-busting prices.

Airport lounges are another terrific add-on to any holiday, with included drinks and snacks, all in a chilled-out environment, without having to wind your way through the departure lounge, bumping into everyone, usually having to sit on the floor because there are no seats.In a pre-booked airport lounge, you will certainly have a seat, your own place to relax and you’ll be ready to board that plane with nothing but sun, sea and sangria on your mind.

So remember, the next time you’re booking your flights and starting to stress about how you’re going to get three suitcases, two kids and half a tonne of hand luggage from the house to the airport terminal – check out the airport parking services nearby, such as airport parking newcastle, and you’ll find that your family holiday enjoyment begins far sooner than when you check-in at your hotel.