How to Enjoy Festival Camping

Outdoor music festivals have been popular around the world since the 1960s with some of the most famous being Woodstock, Altamont, and Monterey Pop. When attending a music festival, many people like to camp out. If you plan on camping the next time you go to see your favourite bands at a festival, these tips might help you out.

If you want to be as comfortable as possible at a festival the best thing to do is to take a small tent. You also need to take care of your feet by wearing comfortable, waterproof, sturdy boots. The best bet really is to wear a pair of hiking boots. For some reason, it seems like every festival gets rained upon at one point or another and the whole area quickly turns to mud. Make sure you’re prepared just in case this happens.

Festival CampingIf the weather is nice and sunny, remember that things can quickly turn cool as soon as the sun goes down for the night.

A good pair of boots and warm socks will help keep the heat in your body and a woolly hat will also do wonders. Also, the boots will protect your feet if any of your fellow concert goers should happen to step on them.

Getting back to the hat, this useful item of clothing can keep you dry in the rain and can also keep the sun from burning you. It’s a good idea to take along some waterproof clothing such as a poncho to keep you dry if it rains. You’ll also need some sunscreen to keep your skin protected during the daytime and don’t forget a pair of sunglasses.

You need to keep your personal items dry and safe so a backpack is a good idea as it’ll enable you to store your wallet, keys, phone, camera, and other valuables. When night time falls you’ll need a flashlight to find your way back to the tent. Make sure you keep it charged or take some extra batteries along with you.

Things can get pretty dirty at an outdoor festival and you’ll want to stay as clean and fresh as you possibly can. You can take along some mouthwash and antiseptic hand wash. These are great in case there aren’t any places to take a shower or to wash up. You might have a hard time finding a washroom and if you do happen to locate one there could be pretty big line ups. You can take along portable toilets for your trip as they’re pretty small and light weight.

Since the festival will probably only last the weekend make sure you don’t weight yourself down with things that you don’t need. You really don’t want to take anything of great financial or sentimental value with you either. Most festival goers are well behaved, but there is usually somebody around to give everybody a bad name. Don’t tempt them with any valuables.

When it comes to money, take along what you think you’ll need for food and drinks and any other necessitates. You’ll dins that most modern music festivals will have some type of banking machines on site. This will allow you to take out money if you need it. If you have a comfortable place to sleep, some warm, waterproof clothing and the hygienic necessities then you will probably enjoy your outdoor festival experience a whole lot more.