How to Enjoy Camping and Stay Safe

Most people love camping when they’re youngsters and they keep the tradition alive by going on annual trips. It’s a great way to escape the city and pay more attention to the subtle and elemental things which people often ignore or neglect. It’s an ideal way to isolate yourself with Mother Nature as your only companion. Many people prefer to leave established campgrounds in the dust and enjoy primitive camping. This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors especially if you can find a river, stream, or creek for water. Having fish in the source would also be a bonus.

Enjoy Camping

Below are some tips for enjoyable camping;

  •  It’s best to make your camp during daylight. You should know where the sun sets and rises and then pitch the camp accordingly for shade and sun.
  • It gets dark pretty early if you’re camping in a canyon. It also gets quite cool since the colder, heavier air will sink as low as it can.
  • Don’t mess with any snakes in case they’re poisonous.
  • Take a lot of water and keep filled canteens around the campsite. You need to stay hydrated. Make sure you boil any water that you get from a natural source. It’s also wise to take a portable water filter.
  • Familiarize yourself with local poisonous trees and bushes etc. See what they look like and find out where they grow. Also, make sure you have some type of medication for them in the first aid kit.
  • Beware of electrical storms and how to remain safe in them.
  • It’s a good idea to place emergency whistles and flashlights on lanyards. You can then place them around younger campers’ necks.
  • Take along some bear spray and make sure you know how to use it and that it hasn’t expired.
  • Make sure you don’t drain your car battery. Take some extra car keys and leave them at the campsite. Also, take some booster cables, just in case.
  • You need a good waterproof tent and a tarp for the floor. It’s always a good idea to take along a tent that can hold more people than in your camping party. This allows room for camping gear.
  • After cooking, you can wash up with a vegetable-based, biodegradable soap.
  • Buying an inexpensive PVC style of rain poncho is a great way to stay dry and warm.
  • Take a few boxes of matches and store them in dry, separate locations.
  • Check all batteries before leaving and take extras.
  • Take along at least one strong-powered torch or flashlight. They make great signals and can help you see any uninvited large animals on your campsite.
  • Take a shovel as they have a millions uses. A saw and axe are good too.
  • Collect your firewood prior to nightfall. Try collecting some each time you take a walk. However, you shouldn’t cut trees or cut any live wood. Use dead wood and make sure you have smaller pieces to keep the bigger ones going. Also, cover your wood with a tarp to keep it dry.
  • Take along some insulated gloves which will protect you from hot logs, rocks, metal grills, and coals etc.
  • The best types of sleeping bags have flannel, brushed polyester, or cotton linings.