How To Deal With Snakes While Camping?

snake fearWhen out on a camping trip it is worth being aware of the possibility of encountering a poisonous snake.

If you understand their behavior and know how to deal with them then it will not spoil your enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Snakes on the whole are very quiet and retiring creatures, hiding from people rather than purposely approaching them. Warm blooded, enjoying hot humid days just like humans, snakes can often be seen basking in the rays of the sun.

The best advice is to just leave them in peace and for anyone tempted to catch one as a trophy, why risk a nasty bite, have your fun somewhere else.

The most common contact made by humans in regard to snakes is accidental and in this situation it is best to stay very calm. Panic will just scare the snake as well as every one in your camp.

When gathering wood for the campfire, be cautious as snakes love to hide amongst rocks and logs. If you do notice one just quietly walk away trying not to disturb it and warn fellow campers to be on the look out.

At night ensure your tent is fully zipped up and avoid pitching it in longer grass or weeded areas. A snake will be attracted to the warm environment of a nice cozy tent so check before you climb into your sleeping bag.

The most important thing is not to let the fear of snakes prevent you from the fantastic outdoor experience that a camping trip will give you. A bit of caution will prevent any bites.