How to Avoid an Accident Involving a Snaking Caravan

If you’ve ever been towing a caravan that’s begun to ‘snake’ along the road, you’ll know that it can be a rather frightening experience – particularly if you’re travelling along a busy motorway with many worried motorists behind. Thankfully there are many ways that you can avoid these incidents taking place, as well as ways to bring them under control if they do.


One of the first things to understand is why snaking of caravans occurs in the first place. When the lateral swaying, or ‘yaw’ of a caravan that is being towed becomes excessive, that’s when the caravan begins to snake from side to side, and in more extreme cases it can begin to pull the car too.

An over- or poorly-loaded caravan, a car that can’t adequately tow the load of a caravan and travelling too fast with a caravan on tow can all lead a caravan to go into a snake, as well as air turbulence caused by a passing lorry or van.

Keep Control

There are many ways that you can minimise the likelihood of snaking, but if it does still happen, do not panic. When you notice the snaking, immediately take both of your feet off the pedals to allow your car’s engine to start braking, which will reduce your speed. Keep steering in a straight line – do not steer into the sway, as this will only exacerbate the problem!

Fitting a stabiliser can also help to prevent snaking, but above all make sure that your static caravan insurance policy is up to date so that no matter what happens, you can be confident that you’re covered.