How Not To Get Lost Without A Compass?

Any camper knows the feeling of being lost and without having a compass in his bag. Here are few tips how to not get lost without a compass.

The professionals are advising you always to carry an analog watch with you, because it will help you to navigate your trail without map or compass.

Finding the direction using a watch that is working properly is not that difficult. Use the old methods as you orientate by the hemisphere.

The Northern Hemisphere method requires holding your watch horizontally as you point the so called “hour hand” at the sun.

The direction that lies between the hour hand and the numeral twelve is south.

Knowing at least one of the directions, it will be easy to find your way back. The Southern Hemisphere method is also often used for this matter.

You will have to hold your watch horizontally again to point the numeral twelve at the sun. The direction, which lies between twelve and the hour hand, is the North.