How Do You Remove Ticks When You Are Camping?

tickFor most of us the three worst things to come across while camping in the woods and escaping the sights and sounds of the city are; snakes, spiders and ticks.

Ticks can be horribly tough to remove and we are going to explain to you how to properly remove a tick if you have been unfortunate enough to get one on you while camping.

There are many other myths and tips out there as to how to get rid of a tick while you are camping. Some of them may work however we have found this works without fail, every time.

First of all if you have discovered you have a tick that is half the battle and you are quite fortunate to have even discovered this nuisance in the first place.

The head is a very common place to get ticks and those are difficult to find because the hair is covering them. Oftentimes you can’t even feel a tick so if you have one somewhere on your body you are lucky if someone else sees it and points it out to you.

The easiest and most efficient way to remove ticks that we have found is with the eye brow tweezers. Use of the eye brow tweezers to successfully remove a tick is a big reason why ticks on the head are so difficult to get rid of because they are even more difficult to successfully and completely remove.

Take the tweezers and grab the tick by its ‘mouth parts’. You will notice the tick is probably very securely attached to your body  therefore removing it by its mouth parts is the only way to ensure you get the entire tick.

Some people light a match and hold the match to the tick to remove it. This may work however there is a chance the match doesn’t get the mouth parts and you may still have tick mouth parts in your skin. Besides, taking a match to your head and hair would be pretty difficult, scary and dangerous.