How And Why To Wash A Tent?

In case it’s the time to wash your tent, this isn’t that difficult. First and most important is not to use the washing machine, for it will destroy the tent. You have to do manually.

Choose a sunny day and pitch the tent outdoors. Prepare a big sponge, soft brush, water and soap. You can also use some dish soap, but not a washing machine product.

Before washing it, try to remove the debris such as dog hairs, pine needles, etc. Washing the tent is required just once for two- three years, so you don’t need to wash it each year. Scrub the surfaces of the tent as you use the sponge, then use the scrub brush and brush the tent all over.

Make sure you brush well, because that will remove the dirt and all the microbes. Rinse the tent and remove the soap. Leave it outside, until it gets dry and pack it, only when it is completely dry.