Have Fun Camping The Vegan Way

Vegan camping is surely fun, but it is a challenge for those that haven’t been committed to the vegan`s life style. From this point of view, vegan camping is far healthier and greener, compared to the traditional camping.

The vegan philosophy would encourage you to focus on following every principle of this lifestyle and from food to action the entire camping trip can become an adventure set to ensure you have a good time.

vegetarian dish

Tips for vegan camping

Here are few tips on how to prepare for such an adventure. The most important things you should take along are, of course, the tent, the camp stove and the sleeping bag. The so called vegan hiking boots are another must in your camping trip, but it isn’t easy to find them in the stores, so research over the internet and you will find the right vegan boots for you.

The sunscreen and the repellent spray are absolutely necessary. Nowadays there are few good vegan bug sprays in the market, so you will have to choose one. Use only natural, biodegradable castile soap for cleanup.

As for the camping menu, you have many options. At first, take more calorie-rich food. Nuts and nut butters are must, for they will give you energy.

camping recipesOf course you can try to cook chili beans and grilled corn and mushrooms. They are a tasty vegan dish and if you bring in some tofu and olives the meal is going to be perfect.

If you don’t want to spend the day cooking, purchase some vegan instant meal packets and some vitamin rich foods such as fruits and the vegetables. You can also take some non-dairy milk and good soy snacks, as well as marshmallows.

The delicious s’mores can be prepared with vegan chocolate and vegan biscuits, which you can purchase from any vegan store. So if you bring along kids in the vegan camping experience you can offer them the traditional camping trips.

Did you know that there is vegan beer? Sadler’s Ales is quite tasty and perfect for your camping adventure.

Keep in mind that vegan camping comes with the responsibility of having fun in nature and leave it the way you found it. Vegan camping is about focusing on having fun and not missing anything traditional camping may have to offer.

It’s really up to you to make the most of it.