Top Hacks Everyone Going Camping Must Know

Camping can be a great way to pass time and to spend weekends away from the busy city life. But camping needs preparation, knowledge of the camping sites and well, a few camping hacks. There are many small things which can help you simplify your camping experience and can add a little more to the enjoyment.

From hacks to repel bugs to hacks for lighting a fire, one must always have certain tips and tricks up their sleeves to make the most of their camping experience. The following is a list of the top hacks everyone going on a camping trip must know.

hacks everyone going camping must know

Use Sage to Repel Mosquitoes and Bugs

One of the best hacks to know when going camping is that sage can help you repel mosquitoes.  Sage is a plant which you can easily find out near any campsite. You can place this plant in your campfire and the smell of it will be able to ward off those irritating bugs and insects from the campsite.

Use an Acorn Cap as a Whistle if you get Lost on your Camping Trip

There are many cases of getting lost at a camping site and most of them happen due to lack or absence of a whistle or any other method of giving out a signal or SOS call. Well, if you happen to get lost, then you can use an acorn cap as a whistle and attract attention towards yourself or your location.

Wrap Duct Tape Around your Water Bottle for Emergency Situations

Another camping hack that you must know about is that you can wrap duct tape around your water bottle so that you can use it in any kind of an emergency situation. Since you won’t be able to carry much in the backpack, it is a better idea to wrap it around for need in an emergency.

Make Lamps out of Jars and Solar Disks

You will need ample lighting on your camp site and one way to arrange it is by making lamps out of jars and solar disks.  These are also termed as solar camp lanterns and are rather easy to make.

Pack Eggs by using One Water Bottle for 8 Eggs

It may not always be possible for you to carry eggs with you on your camping trip. This is why, it is a good idea to break them and pour 8 of them in one water bottle. This is a good way to store them and use them for making breakfast on the camp.

Use Sandpaper to Light Matches

Did you know that you could use sandpaper to light matches? Well, you can keep it handy if your light box gets soaked or isn’t proving as effective as it should be.

You can make a Spoon using a Plastic Bottle

Another useful camping hack is to use a plastic bottle as a spoon. All you need to do is to cut the shape out of the bottle.