Going To The Bathroom, When There Isn’t One

camping bathroomThe very basics of any camping trip are the bathroom facilities or lack of them.

For those choosing a modern campground this is not a worry except remembering to pack some bathroom tissues.

For every other place that you decide to enjoy the great outdoors from, the options can be very different. One thing you must be fully aware of is that it is never OK just to go somewhere and just leave it.

For people camping out in a national park there will be a toilet outhouse provided. After that you will pretty much have to decide the best way of dealing with human waste which will depend on the number of campers and the length of your stay.

If it is just an overnight stop then the easiest solution will be to go on some newspaper, wrapping it up securely afterwards and disposing of it later in an appropriate manner.

If you are staying longer but are alone then something known as a cat hole, might be suitable, for this you dig a hole about 8 inches deep and 6 inches around.

It should be well away from a natural water supply and your actual camp and once used filled in again. Always mark it in some way so it will not be re dug by mistake.

For large parties of campers digging a toilet will be more suitable. It should be at least twelve inches deep but after that it can be as big and elaborate as you want to make it. However the whole purpose of a toilet is that the waste is covered after each visit so make sure the system will work easily.