Food Safety Measures While Camping Outdoors!

camping food safetyDo you want to spoil your ease of outdoor camping due to food-poisoning?

No one likes this, outdoor camping is always interesting and food is the first preference in outdoor camping.

The best part of outdoor camping is food and if the food is not proper the camping trip can be a flop [Tastiest camping recipes].

Many campers love to prepare their food in the campsite and some others prefer to carry their food from the home. Both the ways need special care to make the camping trip outstanding.

Transporting the food to the camping area:

Keep the cold food cold and the hot food in hot state. Never change the temperature of the food, at least take measures to maintain the temperature. Carry food thermometer with you while camping, check the temperature of the food when prepared and note it down. When consuming the food, check the temperature- if the temperature difference is high, it’s better to leave the food. Consuming this food will make you sick and you may end up with different health related problems.

Use ice boxes to transfer cold food and use hot packs to transfer hot foods. Remember, the vast difference between temperatures can yield health related problems.

Pack the meaty items in a zip lock bags and store them in ice boxes. Never mix the cooked and raw meats, pack them differently. Be sure you do not mix the poultry, sea food and meat together. Pack them differently.

After arranging all the items in the ice box, the placement of the ice box is also important. Place the ice box inside your car near to the air conditioner. Do not place the ice boxes in the hot areas- this can change the temperature of the food even after taking measures. Reduce the time you open your ice boxes, as the variation in the temperature of the ice box can spoil the items.

Cooking the food in the camping area:

This seems like an easy way to arrange the food in the camping area. But, this is not an easy way; you need to carry all the food supplies and the accessories needed for cooking. But, cooking the food in the camping area can minimize the tension of temperature changes of the food and the idea of getting sick. But this method also has its own drawbacks.

If you are camping in woods, cooking in woods is a very bad idea, as the smell of the food attracts many wild animals to the camping area which is very risky. So, if cooking in the woods, avoid cooking strong odor foods.

The cleaning of utensils before and after cooking is also very necessary. The major problem is finding a water source for cleaning purpose. Once you find good water source, the cleaning process is easy. If you cannot find any water source, the cleaning process is very hard. So, try to use disposable utensils at least for eating the food.

Always wash your hands before eating. This seems like an old and boring statement for many campers but the safety way of food consumption is not only in preparation methods, it also involves how you are eating.


The most important item in camping is you cannot over rule the water importance in camping. You need to take adequate amount of water to the campsite, if you do not have any water source nearby your camping ground. If at all there is any water source also- carry drinking water with you. If you do not carry the drinking water, you can be affected with water conjunctive diseases.