First Time Campers And Dread Of The Great Outdoors

When people go camping for the first time, they tend to imagine the best about the natural experience and with it in mind they start on what it is supposed to be a cool adventure.

Most campers find the great outdoors challenging and far from the reality they have pictured in their minds and there is no surprise the disappointment is not late to follow.

But who are the first time campers?

Usually in the families with a tradition of camping, going outdoors starts from a very young age. As a result the children are brought up with a high respect for nature and are thought to enjoy everything about it from the fresh air to the natural experiences of fishing, catching butterflies or enjoying the berries they pick from the woods.

These new campers are mostly introduced to the wilder side of camping at an early age and since the camping pleasure is something that can be educated when growing up these kids will become adults with great love for nature.

Not the same thing happens with city folk, used to spend their vacations at the seaside in 5 stars hotels with all the imaginary comfort right at hand.

When these types of people are introduced to the nature it is only natural that the shock will be great. The forest with all its wonderful sounds can become a stressful factor and the nature with all its beauty may seem almost repulsive.

What people should consider especially if adults with very little natural experience are made to face the outdoors with no warning is that a harsh experience will make the nature look scary. People may not be able to enjoy themselves and as a result they will for sure ruin the experience for everybody else.

So it is wise before planning a camping trip to see if the persons coming along are ok with the way you are organizing things.

For example you should know that camping in tents[camping tents] may seem uncomfortable for new campers and this is why in this situation you should consider an RV.

Also the camping cooking is a delicate issue and so it the food storage. RV trailers have everything prepared but when going camping in tents the food storing must be carefully planned. Perhaps you won’t mind day old bread but somebody else might.

Do not be harsh with the new campers. If you help them take it slow and introduce them gradually to outdoor outings they will easily see your point and they will be able to step out of their comfort zone.
Keep in mind that not all people are born campers.

The most of the adults living inside a city have not met the experience of camping and considering the feeling experienced campers have when meeting the outdoor, nobody should be kept for feeling the sense of freedom only nature can offer.

Taking it slow is the right recipe.