First Aid Must Haves For Your Camping Trip

first aidCamping requires some forethought and planning for the unforeseen.

That includes particularly, your Camping First Aid Kit.

You are going to be in the middle of the Great Outdoors, miles from shops, pharmacies and medical aid.[Outdooor  camping]

Also you are going to be in an area where the chances of having an accident of some sort are fairly high: you could get bitten, have a fall, suffer scrapes; a lot of things can happen.

A lot of them can happen to you at home as well, but remember you are going to a pretty long way from home… So make sure that you carry some basic must haves in your first aid kit for when you go camping.

There are some things that you can possibly think of off the top of your head: disinfectant liquid to clean wounds, perhaps some antiseptic cream for mild scratches and scrapes and some band aids. This would take care of most minor cuts and wounds.

However this list would need to be a little more comprehensive and include Betadine, antibiotic cream, antibiotic powder, gauze and some larger adhesive bandages because often a band aid is not enough. Calamine lotion for insect bites is also a must.

Some basic medication like anti histamine for allergies, pain relievers and headache medication, motion sickness and altitude sickness medication as well as antacids should also be carried.

You may not think to do it, but carry diarrhea medication and some electrolyte sachets or packages. Diarrhea can be a grim thing to battle with in the wilderness.

The resultant dehydration can lead to many complications so it is best to carry electrolyte powder which will come in handy for if someone gets a bit dehydrated from any other reason such as spending too much time in the hot sun etc.

It is a good idea to carry after sunscreen lotion, because our bodies are really not used to being out in the open sunshine for prolonged durations on a regular basis.

It is easy to get sun burnt because we often do not even realize how hot the sun is; this is particularly true when you are on a high altitude or if temperatures are low otherwise.

In addition it is important to carry some basic implements like tweezers (to pull out a thorn not pluck your eyebrows) some scissors, a sewing kit etc. Kit yourself out with this basic and perfect first aid kit and you are good to go camping!