Family Camping Success

family campingIf you are just beginning to camp with the kids you want the experience to be successful.

Careful planning will help to ensure that your trip is all you want it to be and that the children are excited enough to want to go camping again and again.

The List

The first thing you want to do is make a list of all the camping equipment you will need for your trip. If you are unsure, you can browse the internet and find a variety of lists to help you organize the stuff you want to bring along.

You will need sleeping, eating and cooking gear. You may want to get some large containers and label them accordingly and pack your gear in those.  The containers will make loading and unloading easier and when you need something you will be able to find it in a snap with your labeling system.


When you decide upon where you will be going, investigating the area before you arrive is a good idea. You can check for family attractions you may want to visit, if there are swimming holes in the area and what type of weather you can expect once you arrive.

If you want to stay away from touristy areas investigating where you want to go can save you a lot of disappointment.


Campfire cooking is definitely different than cooking in a fully equipped kitchen but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. You can find a variety of campfire recipes that are simple to make, delicious and nutritious.

Be sure you bring along lots of snacks because camping typically requires you to eat more calories as you are busier than usual. Fresh fruit makes a good snack and it is easily stored.


Don’t plan activities for which you are in no shape. If you will be hiking keep in mind the group’s limitations. If you have small children, long and challenging hikes will not fit the bill.

If you are going to be participating in water activities, remember to bring along life jackets for the safety of the little ones.

Family camping is an ideal way for families to spend quality time together and a wonderful bonding experience. Planning in advance especially when you bring children along will make your camping experience even more fulfilling and will inspire you to start planning your next camping trip.