What to Eat While Camping in Africa

We often say, you are what you eat; this holds true for camping. When camping on a site away from home in a new area, you should not only experience the nature or the environment of the site but also experience the food offered by that area. Instead of carrying canned food with you try and experience the local delicacy, this will likely improve your camping mood.

If you camp in the American jungle get at the available food and while camping in the African wild also get a taste the wild offers and let your tongue enjoy the new sensation likely to be experienced. There are numerous types of food available while camping in Africa. We take a look at some of the available foods offered in the continent suitable while camping.

What to Eat While Camping in Africa



Although most camping meals tend to contain meat mostly, plants are the kind of food you can rarely miss on any part of the globe. There is a wide variety of vegetables you can choose from while camping in Africa.

  • Bananas

Both the sweet banana and the green banana can be a source of a great meal. If you’re using firewood or a small gas stove, the bananas are suitable. The sweet banana can be consumed just the way it is, or you can add some flavor by slicing the banana and placing chocolate bars between it then using the heat from the firewood to melt the bars. When all the bars are melted then the delicious meal will be ready to be served. For the green bananas, you could either boil or roast to have a great meal.

  • Potato

In Africa, there is plenty of sweet and Irish potatoes which when boiled or roasted provides a sumptuous meal for a great camping experience. Another significant advantage of potatoes is that they take a short period to get cooked.

  • Beans

Beans can be cooked and served with either bananas or potatoes. Having a meal containing beans may be just what you need to jumpstart your camping experience.


Carrying snacks during camping is almost like a necessity. While in an African campsite some of the snacks available include:

  • Groundnuts

You can never lack ground nuts at any African campsite. Whether boiled, roasted or spiced groundnuts, they are always available to fit your taste.

  • Simsim

Simsimis also a great camping snack, and you are urged to have a taste of Simsim balls sometimes fused with roasted groundnuts that make it quite a delicacy.

  • Cashew nuts

Just like ground nuts, cashew nuts are a great snack while out camping in Africa.

  • Guacamole

If you are at a campsite with plenty of avocadoes present, you can mix up all the available ingredients and serve with chips.

Animal Protein

At any campsite, animal protein always tends to be the main dish, and in Africa, it is in plenty.

  • Eggs

Whether chicken eggs, quail eggs and if you are lucky ostrich eggs, they all form part of a delicious breakfast. The ease with which they are prepared make them the preferred breakfast during African camping.

  • Chicken

Unless you are a vegetarian, roasted chicken is always a great option. Also, you can have chicken stew for your lunch.

  • Termites

In Africa, roasted termites are quite a delicacy, and you can take them as snacks while carrying out your camp activities or take them with rice. For the first time campers, this can be an excellent opportunity to try out a different kind of food.

  • Small game

Small game like wild rabbits also provides a great meal while camping in Africa. Hunting them can also be a thrill and an adventure.


While out camping in Africa it is always advised that you carry a drink (mostly water) with you since you may set out for a campsite located far away from the nearest water source. Apart from water, there are other drinks that you can enjoy.

  • Local coffee

You can usually enjoy the locally prepared coffee or green tea like the Rooibos (redbush) tea which is perfect for chilly mornings.

  • Amarula

It is a sweet, creamy liquor made from the Amarula fruits which are also enjoyed by the African wild.

There is plenty of other types of food to enjoy while you are camping in Africa, but it is important to note that what you will be served greatly depends on the part of Africa you are camping. You also need to take precautions when taking new types of food you are not accustomed to so as not to have upsets.