Easy Ways To Store Food Safely When Camping

Whether it is caused by extra exercise or an extra intake of fresh air, it is quite common to get hungrier than usual on a campsite.

When you are extremely hungry, it is particularly difficult to find the patience to cook food and instant foods or foods prepared earlier would be much more convenient.

So, what are your food storage options for camping out? It may seem daunting without a microwave oven or refrigerator, but there are ways to store your food safely when you camp. Just follow these simple steps:

Designate one cooler bag

When packing for your camp, don’t forget to arrange a cooler bag to store all your food items like snacks, drinks, etc. Cooler bags are the best way to store food safely for several days without spoiling.

Regularly add new ice

Don’t forget to add new ice to your cooler bags, before the existing ice melts away. Use blocks of ice instead of longer cubes for effective storage and always store coolers in shady areas.

Don’t leave food in zipper bags

If you are camping in the forest, never leave food or other smellies in zipped or duffel bags, particularly if you’re going on a long holiday trip.

If you do, not only will your food be spoiled, but there is also the danger of hungry animals attacking your camp tent.