Dressing Tips For Winter Camping

If you’re looking for an exciting outdoor venture in cooler weather, winter camping could be the solution.

Compared with outdoor adventures in warmer weather, winter camping brings an entirely new element to the activity of camping. Make sure you plan properly to make the trip satisfying.

Camping in the snow without any preparation can be extremely dangerous for your health, so make sure you take the utmost care with the clothes you take along. Here are a few helpful techniques to make your job easier:

Carry multiple sets

It is especially important to plan ahead if you have decided to camp in the snow. Though carrying multiple sets of clothing can add extra weight to your luggage, it’s really worth it to play safe in cooler weather.

Dress in layers

When traveling anywhere in winter, which will involve walking and outside activities, your smartest option is to dress in layers.

Therefore, make sure that you have at least three layers of clothes, which you can wear on top of each other, to protect your body from extreme cold winds.

Avoid cotton clothes

Because it is so light and thin, cotton is not the most ideal fabric to wear for winter camping. Therefore, try to avoid wearing cotton clothes as much as possible when camping in winter.

Cover your body extremities

Much of the heat that can be lost from your body will pass through extremities like hands, head and feet. Don’t forget to wear hat, gloves and socks.

Use these hints to keep you warm in cooler weather and make your winter trip the most memorable camp trip of your life.